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All about Feelin'Freshy

Number of posts :
Birthday :
Age :
Location :
Noneofyourbusinessville....JK! For exact location, press Ctrl + W =)
Job/Hobbies :
Webkinz, computer, art, singing, dancing, acting, drama.
Like Skuttle Bucket? :
I have 87...at least Newest: Cherry Soda Pup
Nickname: :
Doggie (on other sites I'm dogluver808), but right now I am Feelin'Freshy. My past usernames have been Darth Bob, BabySpencerFan2010, Forever Soprano, YodaIzDrinkingASoda, UnderTheMistletoe<3, KeepMyHeart<3, and DoggieW4EMod.
WWusername :
DragonEggs :
Fav Color :
Blue! Also purple and silver! andd Hazel and Indigo<3
Fav Song :
STARFIELD: Reign In Us, Rediscover You, The Saving One, Hosanna, Something To Say, Absolutely, No Other Saviour

FEE: We Shine, All Because of Jesus, and anything off their album Hope Rising

CASTING CROWNS: Until The Whole World Hears, Shadow Of Your Wings, If We've Ever Needed You, Lifesong, anything off their album The Altar And The Door, and other songs from the first two albums of theirs.

TAYLOR SWIFT: ANYTHING! =D Right now especially: Superman, Mine, Ours, Enchanted, Back to December, Love Story, Fearless, Fifteen, Beautiful Eyes, Mary's Song (Oh My My My), Tim McGraw, Should've Said No, Untouchable, and many many others!

FRANCESCA BATTISTELLI: Anything off My Paper Heart, but especially: Free To Be Me (it really IS me, cept I'm not 20), I'm Letting Go, My Paper Heart, Blue Sky and Someday Soon (the world's first Christian love songs<3)

CHRISTMAS MUSIC =): Last Christmas (Ashley Tisdale version), All I Want For Christmas (BTR ft. Miranda Cosgrove version & Mariah Carey version), Joy To The World, Christmas Must Be Something More, White Christmas, Let It Snow, Il Est Ne (French carol), Feliz Navidad, and many many others ^.^

Random other songs: Check Yes Juliet, Dynamite, Sunlight (Reilly), Your Hands (JJ Heller), Starry Night (Chris August), Come Down With Love, Wait And See (Brandon Heath), You And I (Anarbor), Sadie Hawkins Dance, Love Song, Sweetly Broken (Jeremy Riddle), Joyful Joyful (Sister Act 2 Cast)...
Fav Book :
Voyage On The Great Titanic (it's a historical fiction diary)
A Line In The Sand (it's a historical fiction diary)
Do Hard Things (I totally reccomend this one; it's life-changing!)

oh and the Holy Bible ^.^
IBFF's :
Maggie (My OBFFE, doglover9m on W4E)
Lizzie (My ABFF, Lizzie123456789 on WP, a site that got deleted)

...and a bunch more ppls!
Soul Sisters :
I have so many it's impossibleee to list them all ^.^
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Sorta Cool
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