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 Need advice ASAP!

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Sorta Cool
Sorta Cool

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PostSubject: Need advice ASAP!   Mon Mar 29, 2010 1:32 am

Ok so there's this guy that I know that I like to torment (yes, torment, and it has become a hobby of mine). Now he hates me (he said I deserve a punch in the face) and I could honestly care less, cuz its fun, and that's not the problem. This is the real problem:

Everyone thinks I like him.

And I don't!!!! He's in 6th grade and 11! I'm in 8th grade and 13! All my friends think I like him (even Puppies) and that I'm just in denial, BUT I'M NOT!!!! And it's just cuz I talk to him soooooo much online that they think so! Worst of all, one of my friends caved and told him that in a buzz post that she made that she was implying that I liked him when I don't! Now he thinks I'm weird (as if he didn't already), and ironically, he's the only one who'll believe me, and he's not even completely sure if I'm telling the truth (which I am). I can't convince any of my friends and I'm starting to get really annoyed by this whole situation.

Any ideas?!?

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Need advice ASAP!
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