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 Crushing on 4---wait no FIVE guys! Need help ASAP!

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Who should I stop crushing on?
 25% [ 2 ]
 13% [ 1 ]
 13% [ 1 ]
 0% [ 0 ]
 25% [ 2 ]
Forget all of them, who needs crushes?
 13% [ 1 ]
Just keep liking all of them
 0% [ 0 ]
Pick just one of them to crush on (post who)
 0% [ 0 ]
Other (post what)
 13% [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 8

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PostSubject: Crushing on 4---wait no FIVE guys! Need help ASAP!   Wed Dec 30, 2009 5:45 am

Yes, you heard me correctly, five different guys. And no, I'm not one of those girls who gets crushes easily either. I've known them all for at least 4 years, this is the first time this has ever happened to me, and I don't know what to do. Also a very important note: I will NOT be DATING any of these guys. I'm just wondering if I should stop crushing on any of them. So, what do you think? Here are some descriptions to help you out:

Name: (me)
Age: 13
Looks: Soft, smooth, long light brown hair, greenish brown eyes (I've been told they look blue from a distance), 5' 6", not the skinniest person around, but not like really fat.
Personality: I can be pretty funny, boyish and the kind of girl who likes to have fun, but it's not my main goal in life. With my friends & fam I'm loud, weird, and very outgoing, but if I'm not, I can be pretty shy and quiet. I'm also pretty strong for a girl my age. When you're feeling down, I'm the person who would thoughtfully listen to all your problems and worries, and I'd really care about you and try to give you advice. I'm a pretty complex girl, but not so complex that I'm a hassle.
Other: Doesn't get crushes too easily, but doesn't get over crushes too easily; plays soccer & volleyball; sings often and sounds really good

Name: Cody
Age: 13 or 14 (I tend to like older guys)
Looks: Blond hair that's short but not too short, taller than me (not sure how much exactly), amazing blue eyes, muscular but not overly muscular, slightly tanned, I could go on and on....
Personality: 95% of the time he's like a total gentleman, the other 5% he's the fun and funny guy that you can't help but laugh at. He's really sweet and always seems to be thinking of others. I don't think I've ever seen him mad. Kinda reminds me of my brother (in a good way), but not too much.
I've liked him: since before March 2009, maybe even a year. The first guy out of this group that I started liking.
What we have in common: We're both the youngest in our families, we both sing REALLY well (he's so good he scares me in a good way), we both hate broccoli (xD), we're both pretty funny, we both play sports, we both have an older brother, we're both Christians, tall, etc...
Song(s) I've written about/for him: How True Love Feels
Other: Football (quarterback I think), plays trumpet, has something kinda like ADD (which is ironically about the same thing my brother has, but don't worry, both use meds xD), an amazing dancer (I would know =D), etc....

Name: Stephen
Age: 14 or 15 (I think)
Looks: Brown hair that's short but not extremely short, brown eyes (I think), about my height I think, fair skin, etc...
Personality: He's very loud and funny, but he isn't like a nutcase; he can be completely serious sometimes. He's also really sweet and a gentleman. But the one thing that most people know him for is his loud, clear, and downright amazing singing voice. He's like celebrity good. It's what got me liking him, though I like him for plenty of other reasons too. It's practically impossible for anyone to hate this guy.
I've liked him: since before March 2009, maybe a year. Second guy I started liking in this group.
What we have in common: We're both the youngest in our families, we both have amazing singing voices, we can both be funny and (good) weird, we're both dramatic, we both have brown hair, we're both Christians, we both have an older brother, etc....
Song(s) I've written for/about him: You & Me Makes Us
Other: Plays trumpet, can dance, entertainer, funny, smart, amazing singer.

Name: Robert
Age: 14 (I think)
Looks: Reddish brown hair, deep brown eyes, a bit shorter than me (probably about 5' 4" or 5' 5"), fair skin, etc....
Personality: Very smart, but very funny. You cannot stay mad at this guy. You definitely can get mad at him, but absolutely cannot stay mad at him (trust me, I've tried before and it didn't work). Did I mention he's a gentleman, and will do things that other guys would never do (he had to wear a skirt and a wig once for a play and I never once heard him complain about it)? He's totally sweet and will definitely make you laugh.
I've liked him: since April 2009. I think anyway. Not positive if that's when I first liked him, but I did like him then for sure. Third guy I started liking out of this group.
What we have in common: We're both funny, dramatic, zany, kinda wierd (in a good way), hard to stay mad at, has an older brother, Christians, etc.....
Song(s) I've written for/about him: Mixed-Up Emotions, Your Wish Came True, Somehow I Knew, (and most recently) Keep My Heart
Other: Plays trumpet (isn't it ironic?), soccer, is okay at volleyball, seriously good at throwing (I think he plays/used to play baseball), etc........

Name: Jacob
Age: 13 (most likely, he might still be 12 cause his b-day is in December but idk when)
Looks: Black hair that's a bit curly, brown eyes (not sure, but I think they are), taller then me (probably 5' 7" or so), looks older then he is (about 14+)
Personality: Bad boyish. He can be bad, but not like realllly bad. Funny, sarcastic-ish, kinda reminds of my brother (which is kinda weird, but not like in a bad way). I don't know him too well anymore.
I've liked him: since August 2009 I think. But I've known him and his family since we were in like 3rd grade. Fourth guy I started liking out of this group
What we have in common: We both have 1 brother, we're both in choir (except he hates it), we're both funny, sarcastic, tall, etc.....
Song(s) I've written for/about him: (none currently)
Other: Doesn't like to sing, not the best actor (he's okay)

Name: David
Age: 14 (I'm actually positive this time xD)
Looks: Dark brown hair that's a bit curly, fair skin, 5' 11",
Personality: Very funny and fun to be around. I don't remember too much else about him off the top of my head, but he's a very sweet guy.
I've liked him: December 24, 2009. But I've known him ever since I was like 7 or 8.
What we have in common: His mom used to be my mom's boss when they were single, brown hair, funny, like McDonalds (xD), we're both Christians, etc....
Song(s) I've written for/about him: (none currently)
Other: His younger sister is one of my best friends, he fences

Whew! Finally got that done! It took me about 4-5 DAYS for me to finish those (no joke I started working on this either before or on Christmas)

So, got any advice?

Has major boy problems xD
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Crushing on 4---wait no FIVE guys! Need help ASAP!
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