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 Dark conflict. (erg idk what the title should b)

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PostSubject: Dark conflict. (erg idk what the title should b)   Thu Nov 26, 2009 10:25 am

Idea:Well I'm not sure what I want to call this yet becuase Im not completly sure how I want it to go hehe.
I got the idea first, when I watched 'Vampire Knight' On Utube. Its an anime I recomand very intresting and enjoyable. Anyways, from there my imagination expanded into its wide vast corners. Orginaly it was my version of the story, but then as things got complicated as I thought about it and how it would work, the whole thing, basicly changed! HAHA well From there I had A good idea of what my side of the story would be like if I was in the anime, or my new made up thingy!
Later on I had some friends over. And we were in the mood to make up a story/game. When we came up with a theme I relized just how well the little story I had been daydreaming about fit with it! So they each made a carrie and so on and this is what we got! Its pretty amazing plot, But I have to give credit to my sister, and are bestes family friends since 4ever for helping me develope this story....

If you dont want to read all that blabber up there and just want to know what the heck your reading Then read this!
This story is about two difrent magical empiors and two outcast with extream 'power' tehe and their conflicts Dont want to give it all away! But it involvce Violance (pg) romance and other stuff, like wet dog tehe!

*This is for me so I dont lose track(27)*
1.James*Gray wolf brown eyes
2.Fang*balck wolf black eyes
3.Larka* ellow wolf green eyes
4.Felcore* red white wolf brown eyes
5.Chase- semi muscular brown buze brown wolf blue eyes
6. Zues- red whit black wolf tall muscular. Red/brown hair tall muscular brown eyes

6. Kira-blond white wolf blue eyes
7.Gray-old man black hair gray flecks blue eyes white wolf blue eyes(beta)
8.Meladie (melly!)
9.Kemra (kim(= )

1)Gabe*black wolf
2)Shane*brown wolf
3)London-blond babe-sandy wolf


((((MUSIC TO GIVE MORE TO THE STORY! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jdppauXBcM&feature=related )))
The shadows laied thick among the trees. The rian beated down on the foliage. The wind howled angrly threw the forest branches.
The bended and creacked in reply. A crack of thunder lit up the dark shadows and made them dance with huanting movements. The light was followed by thunder that echoed threw the trees. A lone carrige rattled threw the forest on the single dirt path. It was pulled by 4 black steads with mighty hoves, who thundered almost as loudly threw the forest as the storm. Steam blew from their nostrils. The horses were in a panic. The coach-man tryed to pull them to a steady pace but something had spooked them. He hollowerd as the nobel family inside held onto the seats in terror. The littlest girl inside peired out the window. She gazed threw the soacked pain. She couldnt see anything out there in the storm.

Lighting struck again luminating the forest. She saw threw the rain strecked pain, the shaking of the trees. the leaves blowing wildly. Like in a nightmare, she saw a dark figure running beside the carige, and he looked at her with a wicked smile and speed ahead. The girl scared went next to her mother.

Outside infact, many figures were running along side the coach. one silently leaped onto the top. The figure bent over and grabed the collar of the coach-mans shirt and yanked him up ward. He screamed, but is voice was lost in the howling wind and the thunders cracks of lightning. Two figures were now running along side the hoarses now and sevral more trailed behind the coach.

The coach was out of control and was now turning a bend. A small him was streched out in front of them. A young girl stood on the hill, about five years old dressed in a brilant flowing light blue dress with black trimming, that swirled in the wind. Her hair waslong and dark in lose curles just pass her shoulders, with a black riboon in her hair. A boy was at her side taller, about fourteen stood stiff in a very dressy dark pants and white vest with a black vest over it. his har was short cut and dark. They held hands. and staired at the disater before them without much expression.

A older male rested his hand on the boys shoulder. He had dark hair as the children and wore a fancy suit as well full dressed. Inclooding gloved, the were black as well. His long hair blew in the wind. His eyes now shifted from the boy to the coach. The figures racing beside and holding the coach man. He raised his hand. In a blured movement, and out from behind the small group rushed a pack of dogs. large dogs. They rushed in a snarling flow and decended down the hill onto the scen bellow.

The figures fled the coach and raced towrds the on coming dogs. There were about a dozen of the shadowy figures. and About a dozen dogs. The lighting grashed and the thunder boomed. And the two forces colided in a blur of fur, white and snarling and hisses. Claws thrashed, teeth bared. Blood was spilled and dogs yellped and fur flew.

---all i got so far-----
(Ill try to keep up with it but Im slow and forget full! Embarassed I will keep posted best I can but it took a long time for me to get this far! I got to get the mental picture bahaha! HeadSpin Have any guesses? I tryed to make it like a teaser haha but its not that tricky!)

Chapter 1:
'The event'

James shut his cellphone. He stared at it in the palm of his hand. His face was emotionless as he tuened to Fang. Fang was sitting on the coach in the front hall, his black spiky hair flacked with the light streaming threw the window. His long bangs cover his gray eyes. His hair style was very emo. He dressed so as well. Right now he was in a loose black zip up and dark jeans. Stairing at James, then raised his eyebrow.
"He said he will be here tonight." Said James in a monitone. He fliped his bron hair out of his eyes. His har was about down to his ears, and stright. his eyes a bright brown. Stared at Fang. Who nooded. Fang was't one known for being talkitive.
"I have already called Shane as well, him and his father, ad their pack will be arivving shorly." james contuines, stuffing the phone in his back pocket of his washed out jeans. he rolled up his long gray slave shirt and leaned on the wall folding his arms. Fang watched him then slowly replyed,
"Shall I go gather the others?" He asked his voice was monitone and soft.
"Yes." said james looking out the window of the huge castle. He watched Fang stand and head out the huge double door.
"Wait!' james called after him.
"Yes?" Fang asked curiosty in his voice.
"W-what is she like?" he asked a bi embaressed to be asking questions about her to a person like Fang.
"Are you nervous?" Fang smiled a little, teasing.
"How dare you!" James retorted, without much crulty or harshness, making his statment pointless.
"Well, she is... shy." Fang said slowly.
"Shy?" James was shocked. How could she be shy when she was so... famous?
"Yes, but once she is comfrtoable, she fits right in."
"hm, well continue." james said looking back out the window out into the front of the castle. Where it framed the stone bridge down into the woods. The stone walls that surounded the whole place.

The castle was basicly a big dorm. It held his whole family in just one wing. There were four wings, and most of the time no one even went in them. The castle was hge, and they had spent a whole week cleaning the place. All 27 of them pitched in to prepare for tonight, and tomorrow. James I pulled out My phone agian, No messages. Of coarse not, it hadn't vibrated. I checked my sent. Yes I sent it. Why am I so damb nervous!? He thought slaming his fist afaist the wall. He couldn't be like this. He did have a right to, I mean it wasn't like any other day when the princess came to stop by.

The princess hadn't been seen or herd from for more then a hundred years. Now all the suddon she wanted to meet all the packs in europe. The other two were in the amaricas. There as three of them. Infact there were only five packs in the whole world, lets just say things were getting a little scaress. Like places to hide. Food to eat, forest to hunt in. Then their were the damb humans. They kept catching on every now and then and would shoot us down. That didn't happen much, but as their tecnolagy kept getting better, the harder it is to escape them.

The pack filled in and james took his post at the large desending fancy wooden stair case. As the group fanned out and covered the coaches the chairs the carpet the tables and pretty much everywear else in the front hall. Once the murmer died down he bowed slightly with my head. They all bowed in return, they became silent.
"Well," he begain leaning on the railing.
"We all know about our guest coming?" he watched as heads bobbed
" The first pack will arrive bt noon, it is now nine a.m." he said making a quick glance at the clock on the oppiste wall. "I hope you have forfilled your arranged duties to welcome our guest. Gabriels pack will arrive first, rember Shane is alpha running up, Gabes son, so treat them both as you would me." I scanned my pack making sure to keep my face tight and hide my emotions as he continued. "Carnivorous' pack will be arriving at ngiht. arounf miding, actually."
he herd sevral gasp and some mummers arose from the corwed. He saw Fang sitting in the same place. he looked at his lap.
"You sure its safe to have him here?" Said Larka. She was a sweet young girl a little younger then fang and James. She had short blond hair cut in a way to mak her look Like a B.A. and she could be but was better known to be soft. Her bright blue eyes reflected my similar worry.
"Yeah is it safe to have him here, when the princess is her as well?!" shouted Felcore her older brother who had the same blond hair but it was long and a litle curly he had bright blue eyes too. he had a long scar from ear to his eyebrow.
James slamed his fist on the banister. "silence!" he ordered "the Princess has ordered and arraged everything, do you wish to insult her and her wishes?
Felcore looked down in silnce.
James Nodded "As I was saying, "Carniverous will be arriving around midingt. I excpect you all to be on your best behavor, this is a honor for us to host his event. Many of you may wounder why she is coming,a nd why she has ordered only the Europein packs, I do not know. All I know is she plans on staying her, for a while, and wishes for however long she stays so do the other packs. She also has informed me, she will come only with her assitains. Her...family, has not been spoken of. I sugest not to bring it to topic either."
He raised my hand "rais your hand if you have any comments please."
Larka rose hers, "Yes?" jeames said connecting eyes with her.
"well, which pack is in which wing?" She said obvoiusly still worried about Carniverous.
"Their in the south Eastwing, oppiste ours, and Gabes and Shanes pack is in the South."
"And the Princess?" She inquired
"She is going to be in the last room in the Northwing." james looked around "anything more?"
Chase wved his hand, and asked "Romous have spread shes looking for a mate, this true?"
Many of the males looked up Fang amoung them, and felcore. James chest tightened.
"I do not know." He mummered.
An uproar started. The guys talked amoung themselves. The girls exchanged worried whispers. Noone wanted their crushes and boyfriends to be stolen. Every male was surley ready to give up them, lowlifes to be mated with the princess. They didn't even know her yet either.
"Silence!" Said Jeames once again. "Only time will tell, dont get your hopes up. Dismissed."
he watched as the room cleared out. As people went back out to hunt or the children ran out to play. Some girls passed by on the stairs, each one smiling at James flitivy as they passed to go gossip. Girls were just as bad, they were just as egear to be withan alpha as the men were for the Princess.

Fang was last. He ast on the coach. James raised an eyebrow at him. "well?"
"I have nothing to do." Fang replied looking away.
"somethings on your mind?" James asked. He knew Fang pretty well, he consdiered Fang his right hand man.
"Nothin." Said fang a bit defensivly. Which was very unlike him.
"Yur nervous too." He asked
"So you admit your nervous?" Fang looked up and smiled slightly.
"Big event, as I said before." James Smiled back "Bur I bet your woundering if she will still like you."
Fang glared at James, "oh, not like that." James correted himself.
"Like want to be your friend." James said sinking down next to him.
"lame right?" Said fang.
"No, it's not. Its been a very stressful week, you should rest."
Fang looked away disgusted. "Yeah, right." He got up anyways and head up stairs. Which left James alone again. Itching to check his phone for messages even th he was pastive he wouldn't have any. He checked the clock. Big day, big event. He thought.

Chapter 2:
The First Arrivel

Gradualy as noon creeped closer and closer, the pack begain to gather, and become wary. They gathered in the loby, dressed up just a tad, to welcome the packs, to impress them. They all pretended not to act like the were lurking by the door or the front gate on the stone brige or at the path in the woods. They peeked egarly out the window. Evey few minutes. The women ran around making all the last details in check. the teenagers gossiped in hush whispers under the bridge or in the woods. The men and young gentleman slicked back their hair touched up thir clothing waiting with dispare. The girls were much worse and huddled in the bathrooms and bedrooms doing last munite changes in clothing and makeup.

It was not often thatpacks got the chance to mingle and meet eachother. If anything only alphas and betas traveled. James had not, but his beta had. While Fang was close to him, the beta was older his fathers beta. The beta was wise, and was councling James more or less to lead the pack. His name was Marcus Gray. The pack called him Gray usally.

James now sat in his room watching out the window. he saw his pack below in the yard egear as he was, possibly their stomachs twisted in notes as his was now. He peeked over to the right of his bed wear the alarm clock sat. Its red numbers glowed 11:45. James leaned back on his plane black sheeted single bed. He turned his back to the window and layed back on his pilllow. His hands behind his head. He watched his door now. He popped out his phone once more. 2 messages. The first was frome Shane. he opened it. pushing veiw now.
We will be arriving shortly we are in the country heading u the moutain to your home, we are gracous for you to welcome us.

James read it twice before replying, We are waiting for your arrive with eagernes, are getes are open.
James brought to his own attention of the times his father and or Gray had told him about Gabriel, his son and his pack. He said Shane was a rough one. Rambunctious. A alpha he didnt think hghly of. Gabriel, he rembered them telling him, was a dark gentelman. Intimidating. Tall and dark. he came of as a bad boy but still seemed to be an exceptional leader.

Fang walked up and down the stairs, and threw all the corridors of the astablishment. He watched agitated pack members and the squealing females. Hearing the news of new brutes was defenatly worth gossip. By now they would have herd about many of them from all the packs.Of coarse the guys were as equally excited exspecially with her arrivel. Fange noted one conversation after another as he past.

"Oh. My. God. he is sooo cute!" squealed one of the girls, Kira
"I boy, I hope I get a boyfriend." Meladie said hopefully
"Me too", kimra
Kira sighed "Of coarse yo will, I know I will, I hope I get to meet Shane"
Kemra and Meladie rolled their eyes.

"Larka!" shouted Chase
"what is it your waisting my time." She said tiredsme turning away from a group.
"They're here!" he said with angsiaty. and rushed off heads turning and then all the sudden a rush, a flood of wolves, and humans and something in between flooded the stair case fang clung to the bainister.

As the hall cleared ot james was at the top. fang nodded to him and the nod was returned politley. James decended the stairs trying to hold back the eager rush no one else bothered to hide. James passed Fang and Fang took toe in behind. James pushed threw the crowd, which of coarse parted as his arrivel was regarded. there on their path to the Castle, was the Gabriels pack.
James walked up to greet the man, Gray their beta also was with him. James tho was making the anistal greeting. Fang took in Gabriel and his surronding pack members, looking them over. He started with Gabriel, who was commonly called gabe for short. Gabe was tall as he was described, among other things he was dark and handsome. His eyes were gray and his hair was long past his ears cropped at the base of his head, tipical bad as$ look. He wore a worn leather jecket with a white T under it. Dark jeans with a black leather belt. Black boots. Biker much? thought fang rasing his eyebrow. To his right the beta, London. I true babe, blond hair cascaded to her sholder is golden waves. her eyes a light blue that was perfect to match her hair. her face perfect tan perfect shape her lips plump and pink and glossy. She wore a tight shirt and shorts. To complete her outfit, fang followed her long legs, perfect legse, and followed them and followed them, ah! there they are, on her feet was brown cowboy boots.
Then there was Shane the tipical good looking guy he was suspecting. Blond perfect hair dark eyes like his father. Muscular defently attractive. he wore a brown T and jeans with boots. The others were a blur in the shadows of faces. No names to put to them. Nothing unusal.

James bowed and held out his hand "Welcome Gaberial, I am James this is Gray." He gustered with a hand to Gray. "he is my Beta, I am the alpha and this is my pack." He gustuered to all the wide staring eyes whispering behind him. Gabriel took his hand with a dusty hand. As they slapped hands togother a little puff of dust rose from the contact and he shook with a strong firm shake once down and released James.
His voice was deep and handsome. A low rumble charming. "Hello, James, Gray." he nodded to both and bowed " I am gabriel this is London, my beta, and Shane my son, alpha runner up." He smiled a perfect white gleaming smile. Hushed gasp of amazment came from the women behind James and Gray. Fang rolled his eyes silently.

Gabrial shifted his hand to show his pack "and this is my pack. We are the first to arrive? yes? Good. Thanks for your hospitality." Aroggance laced in his voice.
James nodded. "Fang!" He called not turning he needed to show his control. Dominaiting the other alphas is of habbit for us werewolves.
Fang was disgreatful for the harsh tone in his friends voice but he understood. He stepped foward playing along "yes sir?" he bowed to James then to Gaberial.
"Take Gaberials pack to their refernshed wing." he ordered without looking at Fang, staring down gabrial who smiled noacholenly back and brushed by following Fang as he lead them into their home.

Chapter 3
Welcoming the unwelcome

Once the pack was settled into Castel James had retired to his room. He didn't feel like talking to Gabriel or London or even Shane, who was of the same age. He was dreading the next arrival greatly. Skulls pack was on its way and should be passing threw the town don the hill in the valley at sunset. He tried to push it out of his mind and attened to some other things. His mind wander back to the Princess. He Grabbed his phone from his night stand. A message. He opened it, flicking it with his thumb. It was a unknown number.

Will be arriving aearlyer then excpected.

This was not the first time he had recived a message from an unknown number, with the same signiture. It was the Princess. She had been changing pons threw out the journey, never using a phone to call, but only to text then discarding the phone and getting another. James understod this behavior. She didnt want to be found till she chose to show herself. She didn't know just who might be lurking and waiting to ambush her. Who would want to do that, he could only think of envious wolves that wanted power, or humans. Humans was less likely they were naive and didn't know of the underground royalty. Of coarse humans weren't beliving their ledgends as much anymore either. Only a few forest folk or crazies. At least they were crazies to their own kind. Then there were other threats...
A sharp knock on the door pulled him from the sea of thoughts back into reality. He pulled up and sat on his bed. "come in." He said brushing his hair down quickly to look presentable. It was Fang.

He stood akwardly in the door. His dark eyes on the ground and his black long bangs hidning his face. "well?" James pressed.
"Their here." He said faintly but aduable.
James jumped to his feet they were alot earlier. he checked his clock on his nightstand snatching up his phone. shoving it deep in his pocket and adjusted his shirt. "Damn, why didn't I know earlier." james followed Fang.
"Have they reached the gate?'
"No, a group of teens mixed of our packs report seeing them running towrds us they will be here soon."
James nodded and once again pushed threw the crowd. Gray was at the gate chatting politly to their guest, and new roomies. "Hey, what I miss."
"Nothing sir." he said in his kind old voice. "nice for you to finally join us though." he smiled a sweet painless smile.
James patted him on his shoulder "James, Gray"
Gray nodded eagerly "yes james just old costoms."
It was costom in his days to refer to alpha as Sir and ,aster or leader or some title. His father though had begun to shun the costom, and no one had anything against it, and James had no reason to not follow in his father paw prints.

A wild hollow of a man echoed threw the forest. It was a trumpthip call. Then sevral wolf barks and hollows followed. Unlike Gabrials pack, Carniverous's seemed to approuch with pride and cockyness. A cold stone dropped in James stomach. He didn't like them allready. fang rolled his eyes.
"Here come the horror." Gray laughed

And now they were in sight sevral wolves, sevral human formed, sevral in between. They came in an unorganized jumble stiring dust and dirt. Flying threw the treews over bolders. Hooting and hollowering a strapping young adult male werewolf in the lead in between human and wolf. His fur was white and as he came from the shadows he begain to form to his human figure, so did other in half forms. The ones in full wolf staied in wolf form. When you change you lose your clothing, it was only proper not to change to human in the open.
The white werewolf was muscular, as were most wolves, but as he formed his human form was packed just as well with mucels. He didn't size up Zues though. In human form he had white hair as well. Which wasn't so strange. he was probaly born with white hair. Some wherewolves, full white wolves were born with white hair. His eyes were a ghosty blue. His chest barred sevral puffy scars and his arms his face tho seemed untouched. He smiled as he padded up bare foot bear chested in navy sweatpants. Smiling with his ear length long hair hung around his face ruffled and dusty. His body was spotted with bud and he feet seemed black. No high on his hygean.

James stepped foward and stuck out his hand to the arrogant smiling giant. "Hello, Carniverous Skull."
He slapped his hand and dust rose and puffed around He grabed his hand tight squezed flexing his powerful biceps, not to be out done james squeezed with equall pwer back. "hey there Pretty boy. Its skull." He growled with the smae to big smile. His pack assembled around him smiling evily and some sly and dark. Oh the fun they would have with them thought Fang staying back looking over them as he did With Gabe's pack. A young male teen in human form stepped foward.
--not done--
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Dark conflict. (erg idk what the title should b)
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