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 Username contest!

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Sorta Cool
Sorta Cool

Number of posts : 631
Age : 21
Nickname: : Doggie (on other sites I'm dogluver808), but right now I am Feelin'Freshy. My past usernames have been Darth Bob, BabySpencerFan2010, Forever Soprano, YodaIzDrinkingASoda, UnderTheMistletoe<3, KeepMyHeart<3, and DoggieW4EMod.
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PostSubject: Username contest!   Fri Nov 20, 2009 4:54 am

Hey guys! I noticed there haven't been too many contests lately, so I thought I'd make one.

As you already know, I've been a member of WB for about a month, and frankly, I REALLY need a username change!

That's where you come in! Just post whatever you think I would like for a username! I pick my favorite username, and whoever posted it is the "winner" of this contest!

Here are some of the username ideas I like so far:

LoveXFour [pronounced "Love times four"]

...and since I can be very picky (I'm a perfectionist =P) here's some info that'll help when posting suggestions:

I'm 13
I live in the USA
I am a Christian, and 100% proud to be one.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE dogs! My favorite breed is the Golden Retriever =)
My YT channel is "YodaIzDrinkingASoda"
I have crushes on four completely different guys
My favorite chat smiley is: xD
I'm very artistic/creative
I love to sing (and not too bad at it either might I add)
I listen to music a bunch and have LOADS of favorite songs!
My favorite bands to listen to are: Fee [and] Casting Crowns
I love acting/acting related things.
My favorite sports are: Volleyball [and] Soccer
I LOVE the GEICO Money!
I love[d] the Shakespeare Camp I went to this Summer!
My favorite Shakespeare play is A Midsummer Night's Dream
My favorite season is Summer!

...I have a bunch more I could write but this is long enough already, so if you have any more questions, ask away =)

Have fun!

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Username contest!
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