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 Animal Shelter =)

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Sorta Cool
Sorta Cool

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PostSubject: Animal Shelter =)   Sun Oct 04, 2009 12:29 am


Names of my animals:

Tabby - orange cat
Indigo - blue turtle
Thunder - golden retriever
Snowball - small bunny
Jerry - green turtle
Carnation - small bunny
Happy - small bunny
Hannah - siamese cat
Trusty - golden retriever
Buddy - golden retriever
Rose - golden retriever
Sugar - golden retriever
Honey - golden retriever
Fudge - chocolate lab
Brownie - chocolate lab
Cocoa - chocolate lab
Sam - chihuahua
Diego - chihuahua
Papi - chihuahua
Tiny - chihuauha
Puffy - white cat
Lyla - siamese cat
Rachel - siamese cat
Sierra - siamese cat
Ray - orange cat
Peach - orange cat
Georgia - orange cat
Checkers - orange cat
Lil' Blue - blue turtle
Timmy - blue turtle
Tommy - green turtle
Lil' Buddy - green turtle
Mika - blue turtle
Andrew - green turtle
Citrus - green turtle
Tammy - black and white cat
Diana - black and white cat
Lilac - small bunny
Daisy - small bunny
Willow - hampster
Willie - hampster
Pumpkin - hampster
Cinnamin - hampster
Nutmeg - hampster
Cloud - big bunny
Kiki - green turtle
Emerald - green turtle

...and some others I can't remember. Oh ya and they're from more than one game =)
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Animal Shelter =)
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