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 Beach Life:Ups and Downs

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PostSubject: Beach Life:Ups and Downs   Thu Aug 20, 2009 6:29 am

I felt like I was in heaven as I opened the white painted door to my room. The sea green colored walls greeted me, just like the waves in the ocean did. I snaked over to the white tiled bathroom to wash off my surf board. My tan, wet bare feet slid against the tile to the shower. I turned on the ice cool water and started to rise off my pink board. The sand and salty sea water washed off the board and into the drain. I gently took the board and laid it across the tub to dry and spread wax on it. Once that was finally done, I stuck it in the bathroom storage closet.
See, I live in a fairly large house, on the beaches of California. I live to ride the waves and spend mostly everyday at the beach, which is right outside my bedroom.
My soft faded padded across the hard wood floor to my comfy white and sea green bed spread. From there, I sunk into the blankets and my blonde head fell onto a temperate pillow. "This is the life," I mumbled sleepily.
"SKY ABBY NOVEL! COME DOWN AND EAT!" My beautiful mother, Dani, yelled down the staircase below,
What? I thought sleepily, then I glanced at the clock, its 6:30 already? "Coming mother," I yelled back, quickly changing into black softies and a pink tank. I washed my hands with my favorite vanilla soap. I quickly rushed down the wood stairs and into the kitchen. I quietly sat in her seat, waiting for dinner to be severed. My mother's live in boyfriend, Frank, was also sitting and waiting. Frank is like a father to me, since i haven't really talked to him. Frank laughed quietly. My mother came fro the kitchen holding a bowl of whole wheat organic pasta, with a bowl of red sause and butter. I smiled widely this was my favorite meal ever. I early toke some onto my plate and put a little sause and sprayed a few things of butter and dug in. "How was your day? Frank asked me in-between bites. "It was fun. I caught this alswome wave and so did Kingston and when it ended we crashed into each other! It was so funny! I smiled, when i said anything about Kingston. He was the best friend a girl could have. He is always there for you and will never let you do. We share everything together expect for the fact that i had a MAJOIR crush on him. Really? My mother laughed, I blushed knowing they knew i liked him. They knew everything about me, I'm there 14 year old 'daughter'.

By the end of dinner,everyone knew everything about everyone's day. Frank was a layer, and my mother was a stay at home mom. She always has stories about what she found behide the sofa or what teh kittens coughed up. It got pretty funny and disguating at times. I walked up the stairs and back into my room. Sighing i turned the shower on, full blast and gently steped in.
About 30 minutes later i steped out and throw on a robe and wlaked into my closet. I got out my jammies and got dressed into them. It was only 9:13 but i was tired. I crawled into bed and started to text Kingston,but Kingston bet me too it:
Kingston <3:that was really fun today!

*Not Done*
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Beach Life:Ups and Downs
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