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 Dog Wood Lake *Done*

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PostSubject: Dog Wood Lake *Done*   Fri Jun 19, 2009 4:04 am

Dog Wood lake is home to very special, magical people.. Fairies. There are many different types of them, water, air, fire, love, anger, etc. All of them live on an island in the middle of Dog Wood Lake. Occasionally campers or hikers will go through the trails. Lately it's been peaceful. Until dogs and other household animals come. They tromp all over and occasionally harm one of us. And as the evil Morgra builds up her clan, the more danger there is for us, who are loyal to Queen Ellie. So will you stay and help us or side with Morgra?

NO god modeling
No disney fairies plz
And Have fun and use your inagination


Type of Fairy:
Side (Queen Ellie or Morgra):

The Queens:
Name: Queen Ellie^ Queen Morgra
Gender: Female^
Personality: Sweet, loving, caring. She will help any fairy that seeks her help. She is always kind, but has a more edgy side when it is needed. She is powerful but petite, and never underestimate her.^
Type of Fairy: Water^ Fire
Side (Queen Ellie or Morgra): Ellie^Morgra
Other: Ellie and Morgra were twin sisters. When their mother and father decided to give Ellie the thrown Morgra was devastated. Ellie tried t help her twin by letting her help run the clan. But when it came to Morgra... it was to hurtful so she decided to leave. And start her own clan.

The landscaping:
~Ellie's land
The lake:
The meadow:
The island from shore:
~Morgra's Land~
It is an alternate to Ellie's land. The River is deep and twisted. The trees are tall and cast shadows throughout the forest. Her land consists of rugged mountains, that are cruel when storms hit and it's not somewhere you want to be if you are not ready for it.

Name: Brooke^ Ray ^ Lava
Gender: female^ Male ^Female
Personality: She is kind and sweet. Loving and caring. But mostly she loves to be with others. She is VERY optimistic and helpful^ He is very watchful and sly. He can be extremely protective.^ She keeps to herself and has a short temper.
Description: http://Chibi-Mitsukai.deviantart.com/art/Water-Fairy-10429785 She has silvery long hair and warm blue eyes. ^ He has long black hair that falls just above his eyes. It's a light green at tthe roots. His eyes are an emerald green.^She has dark red hair and eyes that a red around the iris and turn to an orange as they spread throughout the pupil.
Type of Fairy: water ^ Nature ^ Heat
Side (Queen Ellie or Morgra): Ellie ^Ellie ^ Morgra

Queen Ellie's Clan
Queen- Ellie


Queen Morgra's Clan
Queen- Morgra

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Dog Wood Lake *Done*
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