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 Night Blossom

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PostSubject: Night Blossom   Wed May 20, 2009 10:42 am

It's true, those rumors. The clouds are thinning, the sun is breaking through. The darkness that has plaged the world because of the highly fatal eruption of a large volcano in Asia is finally lifting. But for Anabelle, the darkness is only beginning to set in. Her father is off in Asia eagerly awaiting the sun and the scientific benefits it will bring, while she is back at home, hopelessly praying for his safety in a radiation and disaster zone. Then when she is dragged off to Asia for the summer, everything she knows is turned upside down when she is asked to help search for life in a barren and dark world.

When I closed my eyes I could almost see the tiny diamond flecks against the dark backdrop. When I opened them, all that was left was darkness. It had been so long since the stars illuminated the night sky. Almost a decade this May. Yet the darkness was as depressing as always. The patch of grey clouds hiding the moon hadn’t yet rose, and the world was submerged in black. My eyes strained up to the dark sky, but still no tiny bursts of light; not even a twinkle.

I sighed, my hand combing through the spiral curls on my head. They did not shine in the darkness as they did in the lamplight. I felt my chest tense as an image materialized in my head. Two heads of glossy ringlets, side by side. My dad and me. I shook my head involuntarily, the pristinely placed curls disseminating out of their places.

“Anna,” The deep voice penetrated my thoughts, I looked up and met two brown eyes, somehow bright in the pitch black. I couldn’t help but smile slightly.

“Sorry,” My freckled cheeks blushed as I fervently thanked God for the lack of visibility. “My mind was wandering,” I heard him sigh, and immediately felt bad. This was a date for goodness sakes.

“Are you focused now?” He asked, his hand squeezing mine. I wasn’t sure whose hand it was, but one of them was definitely sweating a bit.

“Yes, of course,” I whispered, squeezing back. His head turned and moved towards mine. It moved slowly, giving me enough time to bite my lip in indecision then turn my head so his lips met sloppily with my cheek. I was he could feel the blaze of my blush under his mouth, even though he had pulled back suddenly. I hung my head sheepishly.

“Maybe I should just take you home,” The boy sighed. When I resisted, he just pulled. We had just been taking a walk in the park near our houses, and we covered the same ground back all too soon. In a matter of minutes he was leaning awkwardly against the railing of my front porch, the street lamp the only beacon of light.

“Annabelle,” He paused, and I could see his mind racing to put a thought into words. “I don’t know, but you don’t seem interested. Maybe we should try again in a few months after…” He left his thought hanging in the air. I made no bid to break the silence, and it hung like a veil between us. He was once again furrowing his brows in frustration as I looked on in a mixture of pity and sadness. “Good luck with your dad,” He finally mumbled and with a hurried wave scrambled off my front porch and hurried down the street. As soon as he passed the circle of light emitted from the lamp, he was out of sight.

A wave of sadness crashed over me as I watched the place where he’d disappeared. How was it he’d was tried to console me earlier? Out of sight out of mind? Sure, he could forget someone, seeing as he’d already probably forgotten me. Some people have all the luck.

Before I continue, I want your opinion. I have to write a story and I'd like it to be intresting. Would you guys be interested in reading the rest of this?
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PostSubject: Re: Night Blossom   Thu May 21, 2009 4:38 am

i'd like to hear more
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Night Blossom
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