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 Broken Mirror *Needs 1 girl*

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PostSubject: Broken Mirror *Needs 1 girl*   Fri Feb 20, 2009 5:52 am

A perfect reflection of you. Same face. Same eyes. Same age. But theres something different. While your eyes flash fire, hers are dulled and soft, blinking back at you. Her mouth is in a single line, lips thin and chapped. Are yours really that unhealthy? Your tongue runs over your own lips, and at once you know they are not. You reach out your hand and find hers, fingers perfectly the same size. Thank goodness for clones.

Clones. They've been around for years. When your born, a cell sample is taken, and a new you is grown in just months. It may be just a couple months younger, but it looks much older. It's skin is tanned, its body bony. Its not a real person. In fact, it can't even talk. Eejit. The chip that implanted in a clone's brain to make it yours and yours only. It follows your orders perfectly, doing nothing but what you want it to. As a child it is your playmate, as an adult it is your assistant. But when you begin to get older, into the 100's and farther, they begin to disappear. It's because they are clones, they're lifespan is smaller. It's because elders get to move into Daisy Acres, a rest home. You don't know the reason.

"Doctor, doctor!" The clone cries, after recieving a command from me. She took me to the only hosipital nearby, the one in Daisy Acres. Theres no need for them with the new technologies. But every once in awhile, someone gets a sickness no one's seen for decades. And of course I'm one of them. "She has a heart murmur," The clone explains further. Artificial inteligence haunts her mind, she knows almost everything about health. The doctor nods. "We'll have to transplant," Immediately I am put out, and when I awake, the clone is gone. Daisy Acres is my home now, I don't need a clone they say. But I miss her.

"Liam listen, tell your clone to help you with your lessons. Your teacher is coming over later," The clone instructed tirelessly, her voice monotone. "Yes, C. Dorothy," Liam addressed the servant clone politely. Many others would use profanic names to address someone else's clone. C. Liam grinned, the same way a teenager of his age would. Unlike the others, Liam's family had money. They paid to have their clones without the eejit. This way they had a normal human, a normal playmate. But that didn't stop them from treating them as a regular clone. "Let's sneak off and enjoy the day," Liam nodded, his own grin laced with malice. But he knew when he became an adult, the clone would be eejited. What would he do without his best friend?

This is the world of 2509. 500 years into the future. New technologies are everywhere. Self driving cars are your chauffer. Robotic equipment keeps the city safe. And clones are the new servants. But there are secrets behind the clones. Maya and Liam are willing to find out why. Will you help them?

I want someone that will use proper grammar and English. They will write more than one line, and therefore use description. I want people that won't stray from my plot, and make up things that I haven't approved. I will tell you right now, I will go back into your rp posts and see how you write. But knowing this, I will also ask for a rp sample, maybe you can improve. If you read this, please post 'proper' at the end of your form.
You may make your own form for Maya. Just include Name, Age [teenager], Description, Personality, History, and an RP sample. I will post Liam's later.

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Broken Mirror *Needs 1 girl*
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