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 A dream today, and death tomorrow. NOT DONE

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PostSubject: A dream today, and death tomorrow. NOT DONE   Fri Jan 30, 2009 5:56 am

Your world has ended.
Your love- the reason you face each day, the reason the world is worth living, the reason why you are in existence- is gone.

Each of the teens gathered here are united under one trait; utter grief. This stupid counseling is a joke to you. Nothing can become your sun again. You had one sun, and (s)he is gone forever. Your parents forced you to come here. But they don't understand. They don't undrestand what it means to lose the reason for each breath you take. They think your love is just a little teenage fling.

But one day, in this conseling, your world flips another 360. Underneath one chair in the office, Keely Daniels finds a quickly scrawled note. It reads:
Keels, love you. save us. to the north of the pond and back again. on ur mark, get so, go. they have us, the ones who strive for nothing more than to steal away the reasons for someone's existence.
What does this mean?
Who would commit such treachurous crimes to simply destroy someone's life?
We are here to save the ones we love. We will never stop searching.

Keely Larena Daniels- 17- LEADER OF THE GROUP ~*Stubborn, natural leader, smart, kind, opinionated, romantic, loving, good listener, daring, determined,dreamer, will do ANYTHING to get back her love, never afraid to speak up*~

Tiffany Sasha Surdi- 17- Keely's best friend/co-leader ~*Brave, intelligent, down-to-earth, sometimes pesimistic, hard-worker, loving, friendly*~
James Matthew Korzen- 18- ~*Athletic, strong, full-of-himself, creative thinker, not so good at logical thinking though, loving, fearless*~
Serena Nikole Geroldi- 18- ~*Dependant, easily frightened, loving, super compassionate, patient, can get jealous, reliable*~

David Jack Ritchel- 17 ~*Comical, strong, daring, adventurous, loving,optimistic, outgoing, good listener, sympathetic, kind*~
Ricky Joseph Ruiz- 18 ~*Empathetic, poetic, brave, strong, not afraid to show his true feelings, critical thinker, cautious, intelligent, polite, loving, a true gentleman*~
Leila Stephanie Zipse- 17 ~*Confident, romantic, a tiny bit stuck up, a little self-centered, loving, brave, sometimes whiny, will do anything to help someone (but she makes sure to complain about it afterwards and beforehand), good listener*~
Ian Thomas Braun-
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A dream today, and death tomorrow. NOT DONE
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