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 Have You Ever..?

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PostSubject: Have You Ever..?   Sun Dec 21, 2008 7:59 am

First topic message reminder :

Eaten a candle? No
Swallowed a whole Smartie? Ya
Watched the entire first season of The OC in one day? No

Had a crush on your teacher? No
Eaten a sheet of paper? No
Failed a grade? No
Failed a class? No
Skipped a grade? No
Had surgery? Ya

Fallen off of a bike? Many a time
Almost died? Ya
Read more than a full page in a dictionary? Ya
Done your homework? Unfortunatly
Sang in front of an audience? Yes

Read an entire novel? Many
Spoken fluently in another language? French, half a day, every week day

Written an essay? Ya
Forgotten your gym clothes? Ya

Gotten lost in a shopping mall/store? Ya
Saved more than 25 pictures in 12 hours? Almost every weekend
Gotten anything pierced? Ya
Gone to a therapist/councellor/shrink? :( Ya

Betrayed a friend? Someone you weren't friends with? Someone who i wasnt friends with
Stolen something? From friends

Been on a sports team? Ya
Flown on a plane? Many

Been to a different country? YA!
Gone to school? Yup
Graduated from high school? I'm not IN high school
Gotten a detention? Dumb math teacher
Missed your bus? Almost, but never
Forgotten your own birthday? NO
Fallen down an entire flight of stairs? Yup, sprained my foot
Wished on a star? Yes
Made a wish when it was 11:11? Everytime the clock strikes 11 11 and I see it
Wished while blowing out your birthday candles? Every time
Shoplifted? no
Dyed your hair? wash out dye
Used hairspray/gel? Ya

Eaten an eraser? No
Written a story? Yes
Watched Sesame Street? Ya

Mr. Dressup? What?
Played with fire? Yup, addicted

Owned a cell phone: Yup
Read some of/most of/all of the Bible? No

Slow danced with someone? Ya
Done homework? What do you think? Ya, hate it
Sewed something? Ya
Embroidered something? Ya
Had a boyfriend/girlfriend? Ya
Had a pet? Do you still? Yes & Yes
Gone to a concert? Lots
Burnt yourself eaxedently? A bit
Watched "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?"? Once
Gotten grounded? No, my parents don't believe in grounding

Gone an entire day without using the bathroom? No, gross!
Took a picture of yourself? Ya

Looked in a mirror? Ya
Ate a crayon? No
Worn underwear on your head? No...

Worn make up? Ya

Accidentally [or purposely] downloaded a virus? Yup
Been in love? Ya
Ordered something online? Ya
Ordered something from a catalogue? Ya
Gotten a nose bleed? Once
Danced in your underwear? No

Played Checkers? Bingo? Chess? Yes, yes and yes
Downloaded songs off of LimeWire? Yup

Hugged a stranger? Yup
Given money to a homeless person? Yep
Carried a purse with you when you went out somewhere? Ya
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PostSubject: Re: Have You Ever..?   Sun Jul 12, 2009 6:25 am

it was my crush and during crank dat he asked me to dance, most people dance with the opposite gender ONLY during slow songs, he asked if we wanted to slow dance and I can't dance normally, so i said yes. later i realized he did it for 5 bucks.
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PostSubject: Re: Have You Ever..?   Sun Jul 12, 2009 9:47 pm

Ahh that suscks I would of slapped him
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PostSubject: Re: Have You Ever..?   

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Have You Ever..?
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