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 Welcome to Elsewhere *Please DON'T join YET*

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PostSubject: Welcome to Elsewhere *Please DON'T join YET*   Sat Dec 20, 2008 12:56 am

You wake up on a ship in a bunk. You look out the port hole and see water for miles and miles. You stand up and maybe your heads thobing, maybe you have stitchs and cuts. All you think is that your on vacation. A package comes under the door with you name on it and tell you to go to the observation deck (OD) and go to binoculours #(any). You put the coin in that they gave you and you watch. You see your funeral. And you realize... YOUR DEAD!!! Everyone around you is dead. But you feel so alive! The boat docks and you get off. You may see relatives and friends. But they look soo young.

1. You age backwards so instead of getting older you get younger.
2. When you reach 7 days old you are sent back to Earth to be born again.
3. You get a job that you absolutely love.
4. You never get sick or die again.
5. you can watch your loved ones from the OD.
6. Each coin is 5 minutes.
8. You can still drive.
9. There are animals there.
10. You can still fall in love.
11. They don't need doctors but there are nurses called healers, or releasers whom release the babies to the river.
12. There is a Sneaker King for those 19 and younger. Whithin the first year they can go back to Earth early.
13. If you've read type- Elsewhere

Age at Death:
Cause of Death:
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Welcome to Elsewhere *Please DON'T join YET*
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