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 ~No Name Story~ More Added

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PostSubject: ~No Name Story~ More Added   Mon Dec 08, 2008 8:33 am


As I walked through the doors of my school I was certain of a few things. First of all, I was still on top. Like that would ever change. Second, a new kid was coming and third, the kid was a boy.
My friends had said the HE could ruin my status. That HE could take it away. As far as I was concerned, it could only get better. I walked to my locker getting a few whistles on my way. When I got to it, the new kid was in front of it. “Move.” I said and to my surprise all he did was turn smile and slowly move away from my locker. I smiled slightly. This would be fun. Then he simply spoke…

Chapter 1
“I’m Blake.” He said, his voice as soft as silk and as light as a feather. I took a gasp of air then said, “I’m Serenity. But everyone calls me Ren.” I saw him nod out of the corner of my bright hazel eyes. I grabbed what I needed and closed my locker. Noticing he was still there I spoke, “Um.. What?” I said “Do you need to know were a class is?” and when he didn’t answer I began to walk away.
It was Drama class, so simple. I smiled when I saw my friends acting. They smiled back at me. “So what are we acting today?” I asked.
“Make your own.” Tammy answered. I nodded and jumped right in to my normal character.
“Ren,” Syria whispered, “Did you meet the new kid?”
“Yep.” I whispered back as we began to act.
“What’s he like?” she persisted.
“Later.” I said with a hint of harshness in it. She nodded and at the end of class I told her.

“You didn’t even stare!” Tammy chimed.
“No.” I said calmly, “I actually don’t even know what he looks like.” I heard a gasp as I saw were Syria was looking. He was in my next class! I smiled as if they told me something when he caught my eye. He held it and I knew he was trying to figure me out. I did that; most people show expression through their eyes. I merely kept them blank. Of course he would have been a little confused but he didn’t let anything on and smiled. Then he spoke to the teacher and I gasped again. I noticed his bright green eyes, his wispy golden hair. How muscular he was. I noticed every little detail. He sat in the only open seat. Next to the other ‘top’ Max. And he was welcomed right in. “C**p.” I said under my breath. Now he would sit at my table at lunch. It was after the last morning class when I noticed that he was in all my morning classes except one. I waited in the lunch line next to Max. I didn’t like taking over the others so I kept my ‘power’ for only small things and once in a while bigger things.
“Hi Ren.” Max said.
“Hello Max.” I spoke, “I saw you let the new kid in.” I said acting like I didn’t know his name.
“Yea, Blake.” He said. “He’s kind-of neat. He reminds me of Jack.”
I felt my eyes turn to ice. I clenched and unclenched my jaw. Max immediately shut his mouth and stepped lightly forward. When I was calm again I spoke easily, “Really?” I said acting like the previous scene didn’t happen.
“Yea.” He said cautiously, “He plays soccer and hockey.”
I nodded. Syria had seen me ‘flash’ as her and I called it. I shrugged like it was nothing. But I new it was more than that. When I sat beside her she asked what had happened and I told her Max said HIS name. She pulled me to the bathroom ignoring all the teachers and shut the door. I looked away, Jack had fallen ill with an unknown sickness. “MY BROTHER!” I said remembering his fragile state that I last saw him in. Syria comforted me.
“I know it’s hard. Don’t worry. He’ll come back and Max will be his ‘second’.” She said trying to make me happier. I nodded.
“But he knows!” I said.
“Yes Max knows. That’s why he’s ‘top’.” She joked.
“Not what I meant.” I moaned. I was calm now and we walked back to lunch. I saw Max flinch when I looked at him. He knew he had hit me deep and it would hurt when I got him. Then he continued talking to Blake, who was to his right, were the ‘second’ normally sat. This infuriated me again. But I kept it hidden. For so long that spot was empty so it went me then Max. It was empty for a reason! I sat next to Blake and talked to my friends letting a small part of my mind wonder.

In the hallway Max came up to me, “Sorry again.” He moaned. “Any change?” he asked. I felt my normally cold heart soften Max was his best friend they were like brothers.
“No.” I said looking down. “The doctor says they are going to try something new today.” I would be going to the hospital after school to see him. I normally did. I was at my locker when my phone buzzed. Text I smiled but it was instantly gone. I stumbled back as I read it again and Blake caught me. My phone almost dropped to the floor and he caught that too. I was stunned not noticing who held me now; not caring that my phone almost smashed it was that one sentence.
Jack… Isn’t doing well… he’s almost… well…gone.
All I remember was Syria coming up to me and questioned Blake "what happened" and I murmured, “Jack.” And she new immediately who I was talking about. She led me to the office and said, “We’re leaving because of family reasons.” The lady saw me and nodded. We were then in my golden Porsche 911 Turbo. Syria was in the drivers seat. She whipped it out of the parking space and flew out onto the road. In what felt like seconds, we were at the hospital.
I ran up to Jacks room and collapsed when I saw him with his eyes shut. I was at the side of the bed on my knees looking at him, “Wake up.” I murmured. “Wake up.” But he didn’t move. It was silent except for the sound of his breathing and the beep of the monitor.
I began to cry and Syria walked in. “I’m sorry.” She said. Knowing I wouldn’t be in school. I simply nodded and grabbed his hand.

Chapter 2
It was two weeks from when Blake came to the school. Jack was getting better but not much. I smiled as Blake brushed his hand against my hair. I was getting closer to him everyday. Max was right, Blake was a lot like Jack. I enjoyed Drama and then the day flew to lunch. I sat down by Blake not even noticing Syria smiling. The day sped to the end. I got into my car and was getting ready to go to the hospital. I received a text. I smirked and checked it:
It was from Blake. Then she looked up and saw him at the passenger door. She put down the window, “Yes?” she asked.
“Give me a ride? Car broke down it needs a new muffler.”
I smiled. “Sure if you don’t mind the hospital first.” He smiled and got in. I turned the key in the ignition. The engine roared to life slowly growling to a low hum. I smiled contently and drove out of my parking space. It roared as I pressed on the gas pedal. When the car reached the highway it roared once more and stayed at the dull roar. I turned to Blake, “So how’ve ya’ been?”
“Good, so to speak.”
“Why’s that?” I said looking at him from the corner of my eye.
“My younger sister, that’s all.” He smiled.
“What’s her name?” I asked.
“Lianna.” He said looking at her then back out the window. I smiled and pulled into a parking space. The engine died and I stepped out.
“Ren?” It was a voice I recognized very, very well; almost to well. There was confusion in his voice.
“Sam.” I said turning, “I didn’t think you’d be here.” I said faintly, YOU AREN’T SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!!! My mind screamed. It itched not to yell it.

After about 3 more posts I will add more. And I need ideas for a name so plz help if you can. Tell me what you think! =) thanks. Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: ~No Name Story~ More Added   Wed Dec 17, 2008 7:56 am

Very good writing and great storyline!
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~No Name Story~ More Added
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