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 Deliah the Mutt- book One: Marie

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PostSubject: Deliah the Mutt- book One: Marie   Sun Nov 16, 2008 12:22 am

A brief history of you (Deliah)
Deliah is a black mutt.
She's a mix of black lab and border collie.
You better come to like Deliah in these stories, she's going to be you.
And, reader, she comes from wherever in America you like.

Chapter One:
You're Basically Just In An Airplane's Luggage Compartment
You sneak on a plane to Pari one lovely summer afternoon. The sun is
beaming outside your luggage compartment window, and the sky is a
sparkling aquamarine. You fall asleep. In a few hours, you wake up to
the sound of the flight attendant over the intercom saying "We have now
landed in Paris, France." and a man's voice saying the same in French.
All you can understand is 'Pari, France.' You sprint out the open door
and smell the clean air of Pari. You wander around until a child stops you. The child says "Oh, mommy! A doggy! A chien!" Her mother tells her something in French that you're not quite sure of it's meaning, but you guess it means either 'we'll keep her' or 'throw her to the dumpster.' The mother walks away, and the child hugs you.
"Oh doggy, chienne, I love you! My name is Marie. Where do you come from?" You bark out 'America!' but realize Marie won't understand you. She laughs. You lick her. She tells you, "my mother will let me keep you if I promise to take care of you and we will build you a dog house." You are releived it's not 'throw her to the dumpsters' and lick Marie again. You realize Marie has a heavy French accent, but you don't care. You find an old dog bed labeled in French,
'Chiennes de Bedde' by someone who wasn't great at their own country's
fluent language. You curl up in it, and fall asleep.
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Deliah the Mutt- book One: Marie
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