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 ~Misphits~Forbidden and Forgotten~Lost and Alone~The Next Generation of Superhumans

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PostSubject: ~Misphits~Forbidden and Forgotten~Lost and Alone~The Next Generation of Superhumans   Tue Nov 04, 2008 1:02 am

They were normal people
They were taken from their normal lives
And changed into something else.

They were the outsiders
The already unwanted.
But now They are even more despised.

They were kidnapped
Taken from everyday situations.

They are an experiment from Area 51.
An experiment gone wrong.
Yet an experiment that was right.

They were the hated
The unwanted
The forgotten

They were the lost
And the alone.
The misphits.

But now,
Now They're the..


Basic Information

They are a group of teens, usually the outsiders or goths.
They were experimented on and became the next generation of superhumans.
Some chose to use their powers for good
And others for evil.
They live in hiding, unless they're protecting the world.
No one knows who they were before becoming experiments.
They tend to have unique names, like Wolf or Moondance.
Every power has a weakness.

Notes: Keep the gender ratios even. For every girl make a boy and vice versa. Same goes for the teams, for every girl in Villians have a guy there too. And for every Hero have a Villian, etc.
Moondance is the youngest at 14, no one else can be 14. I have something planned for her, which is why she's a year younger. Same goes with her being the only one to not have a power.


Physical Description:
Power(Only One) and its Weakness:
Which Side:

My Forms

Luna has long black hair with small waves. Her eyes are teal with flecks of gold. They have the looks of someone with many untold secrets, which is rather accurate. She has a tall, slender build with a slight curve. In a way she looks a lot like Wolf, leader of the villians...
Shapeshifting; She must change back to human before 3 hours is up, or she'll be stuck in that form.
Leader of the Heros

Wolf has long, slightly wavy, black hair with bangs that match in length. Her eyes are a gold color, almost like liquid topaz, with flecks of black and teal. They are dark and seductive, with a constantly guarded expression. She's tall for her age, with a very small curve.
Darkness(including shadows, night, and dark spirits); Her powers are weak during the daylight hours
Leader of the Villians

Moondance has dark brown hair, with creamy silver highlights. Her eyes are the color of the moon, with flecks of dark blue. She is short, though that doesn't bother her. For what she lacks in physical height, she makes up for in will and determination.
Moondance has no powers.

Onyx is tall with pale skin. Her hair is short with bangs that cover her eyes. Her hair is black and eyes are dark, midnight blue. She is skinny, not slender, skinny with her weight under 100lbs. She really doesn't care, though one day she might...
She can take control over someones mind, sending them images, reading their thoughts, making them do certain things, etc.; When using her power, it uses her energy, making her weak.

Delgato has shaggy brown hair, which hangs in his face part of the time, much to his great annoyance. His eyes are light and seemingly cheerful, a mask he uses often. Their color is hazel but with more brown than green.
He can sheild others minds from those with mind powers, such as Onyx.; His sheild is possible to penetrate, if someone were to use their power to harm Delgato.

El Diablo(literally meaning demon or the devil)
El Diablo is tall and muscular, with short black hair. He can sometimes look like a doberman pincher, only human form. His skin is a very dark color. The eyes on his face are slightly circular, and a dark burgundy color.
Super strength; Cannot use his strength to block other powers

Spirit has dark skin and black hair. He is medium height. His eyes are dark and seductive, a sort of forest green color. There is a small sliver of white under his right iris.
Ghost; He cannot be seen and can be walked through, but he can be heard.

16 1/2
Domino is tall, pale, and has shaggy black hair. He has a somewhat strong build, though he doesn't look very strong. He has long limbs, and a head that seems too small for the rest of his body.
Fire; His fire can be extinguished by water and earth.


Leader- Luna

Leader- Wolf
El Diablo

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PostSubject: Re: ~Misphits~Forbidden and Forgotten~Lost and Alone~The Next Generation of Superhumans   Tue Nov 04, 2008 8:07 am

Name: Orashech, Ora for short (Etymology: Or is light, hoshech is dark in Hebrew, and aura, you should know what that means.)
Gender: Female
Age(15-19): 15

Physical Description: Her eyes are soft, yet cold. She has a strange glow to her face. It gives off a sense of security. She has dark, dark eyes that still have this light glow to them. Her hair is light and wispy, yet it still feels dark and full of malice. Her expressions are shallow and innacurate. There is only one way to her mind, fingernails. They are naturally golden-tan with dark black flecks. Her hand gestures are the only things that reflect her emotions. Basically, think she gives off a false sense of security.
Power(Only One) and its Weakness: She can engulf people in her emotions, enabling her to control her victims. When in this state, her true darkness becomes evident to non-victims, and she becomes mentally vunerable.
Which Side: Evil.

I'll make more characters when I feel like it.
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PostSubject: Re: ~Misphits~Forbidden and Forgotten~Lost and Alone~The Next Generation of Superhumans   Tue Nov 04, 2008 9:25 am

Name: Bluebell
Gender: female
Age(15-19): 16
Physical Description: She has long blond hair and shining blue eyes.
Power(Only One) and its Weakness: Cloning, clones can be destroyed.
Which Side: Heros

Name: Apollo
Gender: male
Age(15-19): 17
Physical Description: He has whispy golden blond hair and bright almond eyes.
Power(Only One) and its Weakness: Prophecies(almost like site seeing), change in events.
Which Side: heros

Name: Bellona (Bell or Ona)
Gender: female
Age(15-19): 15 1/2
Physical Description: She has long silky black hair and capturing dark blue eyes. Around her left wrist is a pattern of a entwining vines, (Born with it) .
Power(Only One): Mind Control, Weakness- shield (rare to see)
Which Side: Villians
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PostSubject: Re: ~Misphits~Forbidden and Forgotten~Lost and Alone~The Next Generation of Superhumans   

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~Misphits~Forbidden and Forgotten~Lost and Alone~The Next Generation of Superhumans
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