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 ( i dont have a good tittle yet)

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PostSubject: ( i dont have a good tittle yet)   Sun Nov 02, 2008 9:34 am


Lola : Queen Bee of the school, and let no one, or any one get in her way of winning. Lola has been popular since pre-k. Lola has long curly blond haihr with brown highlights, and deep brown eyes. Her legs are long, and they have a deep tan, ( looks: Shpary Evens). She loves the color pink. Her nails are always pained hot pink, with rhinestone L. Lola also has a cuve.

Sunny: Sunny is bright and preppy. Her dark wavy schoulder lenght hair has bright yellow highlights. Her eyes are a yellowish colorm thats just beaufiul. Her long legs are deep tanned from all the sunny things she does outside. She loves the color yellow. One of Lola's best friends. Her nails are always painted yellow, with a pra nge sun, and she has a cuver.

Roxy: An outsider. Persiod. Her black long stright hair has deep deep purple highlights, that never come out. Her nails are always deep purple color wiwth a black heart. Her toes are the same way, but black with a purple heart. Roxy has a cuve.

Austin: The hotest guy in Highschool. Hes pupular, fun and sweet. He has dark brown wavy har that hides his clear beaufiul blue eyes. he is currtaly dating Ms. Lola, but has his clear blue eeys on someone eles.

( i'll do the rest l8r)

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( i dont have a good tittle yet)
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