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 ~Mystery Pack~Wolves Living in the Modern Day World~

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PostSubject: ~Mystery Pack~Wolves Living in the Modern Day World~   Mon Oct 20, 2008 12:35 am

First topic message reminder :

Now, before I start this rp, I would like to make one thing clear.
This rp is made by Lola and Mirah.
It is based off of a book Mirah is writing.
No matter the circumstances, you are NOT allowed
to COPY this rp and claim it as YOURS.


The concept of living among two-legs, a daring life of running and having fun, has always intrigued you. As a pup, you parents would tell you about a pack, Mystery Pack, whose members live among the two-legs. You'd listen intently, dreaming of that life.

And now, as you say good bye to your home and set out to find Mystery Pack, you wonder, if your choice was the best you could have made....


You shiver as a feeling of being watched creeps down your spine. Gulping, you continue forward along the edge of a lake and into the small area of forest. The forest is black, for the moon is covered by clouds.

I've made it this far, you tell your self repeatedly, I can't give up now.

Something brushes you flank and you jump, only to be batted to the ground. Two icey purple orbs hover above your face and you think you can see the occasional flash of white fangs.

"Who are you?" booms a voice from the shadows. Several more sets of eyes join the first, surrounding you.

Stuttering, you tell him your name. Everything remains quiet and you fear that they can hear the loud, fast, pounding of your heart.

"You don't seem afraid..." a she-wolf thinks out loud.

You catch a glimpse of the brute nodding his head. "I'm Fisher, alpha male of Mystery Pack. If you'd like to join, follow us," he says, then bounds away.

The weight disappears from off of you, as do the pairs of unblinking eyes. You stand up, pondering your next move.


Do you follow Fisher and join his pack?? Or do you run, tail tucked between you legs, back to where you came from??





((I know, it's short, but hey, isn't short better??))


1)As you should already know, the form is short. However, your description must be detailed. It doesn't have to be a monologue, but don't do a small fragment either.
2) A: This rp is Semi-elite. This means use good grammar, usage, and mechanics.
B: RP in third person. It's easier then saying 'I' this, 'I' that, all the time.
Good Example: Jenn leaped onto a rock, about half way out onto the rushing water. Her paw slipped and she gasped, yet was able to maintain her balance. Taking a deep breath she leaped for the next one.
Bad Example: I ran and jumped on to teh wtrae. I sluppeded and falled. Then i diied.
3) There is no StarPack. When referring to the deceased, they use the term 'ancestors'
4) Every wolf must die at some point in time. Whether it be in this part or one to come, they must join their ancestors in the sky.

5) Absolutely no pictures.
6) I shouldn't have to post a password, but I will. The password is 'Hidden Among Us'


Fisher- Fisher has a pelt as white as snow. Woven into his coat there are dark, navy blue markings. His eyes are also blue, but a slightly lighter shade. On seeing him, you'd say he looks the part of Alpha male.(Lola)

(4, two males, two females)
Dawn- Dawn's fur is dappled grey, with lighter grey paws and belly. Her eyes are gold, kind of like the dawn sky. She's small, yet mighty, with quick reflexes.(Mirah)

Lilly- Lilly's fur is a very light cream color. It has a slight tint to it, a bit of a very pale green. Her eyes are also green, but more of a mint green than anything.(Lola)

Natalia- Natalia has light tan fur, with a small green marking on her tail. The marking is a leaf from a tulip. Her eyes are the same shade of green as the marking.(Mirah)


Axel- Axel is a dark, coffee brown she-wolf. She has two different colored eyes. One is gold and the other is ocean blue. She has long athletic legs and a long tail.(Mirah)

Jenn- Jenn is an odd she-wolf. Her fur is prismatic, varying in all colors of the rainbow. Her ears and muzzle are green, paws are blue, chest and shoulders are purple, face is orange, with a yellow back. She claims this was because of her being tested on by two-legs, but nobody is sure that's true or not...(Mirah)

Atrethe- Atrethe is a grey she-wolf. She has a skull marking on her back leg, and a spiked collar around her neck, accompanied by a thin string with a heart hanging from it. The heart has a dagger through it. She has a black band around each of her front ankles, along with a gold bracelet on her left. She has a small gold hoop earring in her left ear. Her bangs are long and hang in her face. Her eyes are gold.(Mirah)

Moon- Moon has jet black fur with silver streaks. Her left ear, front left paw, and back right paw are all silver. There's a silver crescent moon on her tail. Her eyes are a pale blue and silver. Her claws are light grey instead of black.(Mirah)

Kiera- Kiera is a wolf of pure white. However, her paws, ears, muzzle, and tail tip are all a dusty sort of white. Her eyes are icey purple with a defiant fire to them.(Mirah)

Spark- Spark is a pure black wolf. However, black isn't the only color occupying her pelt. She also has flickers of navy blue, with bright white paws. Around her neck, she has a spiked collar.(Lola)

Roxy- Roxy has a pelt of black, with bright streaks runnng through it. The streaks are in two different colors, some being hotpink, and others purple. She has pale, light pink eyes.(Lola)

Brooke- Brooke is a cream colored she-wolf. Her eyes are as clear blue as a brooke itself, giving her her name.(Lola)

Shiv- Shiv is a pure white she-wolf. Her paws are covered with black designs. Her eyes are a dark navy blue.(Lola)

Sash- Sash is the exact opposite of her sister, Shiv. Instead of black against white, she has black fur, with white markings on her paws. Her eyes are aqua.(Lola)

Shimmer- Shimmer is a slender, silver she-wolf. Her eyes are bright purple, covered in flecks of silver.(Lola)

Angel- Angel is a pink wolf with yellow paws. She also has a white tail. She has turquoise eyes.(Kai)

Ashana- Ashana is a large she-wolf, her stature looking more like a brute. She has rust colored fur, with black paws, ears, and tail tip. Her right eye is gold and the other is covered by a patch of snakeskin.(Raven)

Palla- Palla is a slender she-wolf. She has pale silver fur, with sections of white on her muzzle, for she is an elder. She has blue eyes, still occupied by an independant fire, even in her old age.(Raven)

Keena- Keena is a black female. Her paws are silver. She has blue eyes.(Ashley)

Rhys- Rhys is dark grey, with traces of dark blue here and there. His eyes are large and seductive, with dark circles under them. His eye color is navy blue.(Mirah)
Falcore- Falcore is a rusty brown wolf. His eyes are green, with flecks of hazel. He's large, though not as large as Tiger. He is a fast runner, for his legs are long and muscular.(Mirah)
Harvey- Harvey is the smallest male in the pack. He's short, with small legs. His fur is black, with grey legs. His size is the source of quite a bit of teasing.(Mirah)

Elliot- Elliot is a pure white wolf. He is somewhat short, but very muscular, and strong. His eyes are a deep forest green, with a small sliver of black under each iris. (Mirah)

Leon- Leon looks sort of like a lion, wolf version. He has gold fur and chocolate brown eyes. He has long fur lining the back of his neck, almost like a small mane. He has large paws and a somewhat large head.(Mirah)

Maximillian(Max)- Maximillian is a dark grey color. Among the grey, there is also flecks of light grey, brown, red, white, and black. He has a very childish grin with playful brown eyes to match.(Mirah)

Tiger- Tiger looks very tigerish, hence his name. He's a very large, muscular brute and is the biggest in the pack. He has massive paws, giving his legs a very unproportioned look. His eyes are clear blue.(Lola)

Simon- Simon has a coat of pure black. He has very attentative green eyes. In the center of his forehead, lays a white diamond. (Lola)

Punk- Punk is a bit of an odd color. His fur is a black color, though it can look like a dark purple, especially in the sun. He has seductive eyes which are a deep purple.(Lola)

Storm- Storm's pelt is a dark blue color, kind of like the evening sky. It's so dark, that's its at the point of crossing over into black. His eyes are wide and filled with a bright green.(Lola)

Hurricane- Hurricane looks almost identical to his brother, Storm. However he is slightly larger, giving him a sort of 'gentle giant' look.(Lola)

Lightning- Lightning is a yellow wolf with black lightning bolt stripe on back. He has brown eyes and jet black paws. He also has a small scar on tail that is barely noticeable. He has long legs.(Kai)

Shark- Shark is a puny grey pup with shark tooth necklace. He is grey with jet white paws. His grey is a light grey with a pointy black tail tip. Its like a shark tooth.(Kai)

Adrian- Adrian is a normal sized, tan brute. He has a scar on the right side of his face, turning his mouth up in an eternal grimace. He has dull, forest green eyes.(Raven)

Kobe- Kobe is a small, black brute. He has a wide, muscular torso. His eyes are two different colors, one hazel and the other orange.(Raven)

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PostSubject: Re: ~Mystery Pack~Wolves Living in the Modern Day World~   Thu Nov 06, 2008 10:08 pm

ORP: Accepted. And since you drew the picture of Faye, I will allow you to post it, as long as your current description of her remains.
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PostSubject: Re: ~Mystery Pack~Wolves Living in the Modern Day World~   Fri Nov 07, 2008 1:16 am

[of course. I use Faye and Eros in most of my roleplays, and their descriptions stay the same. -goes looking for picture-

Here! Its (c) me, hope you like it! i'm working on Eros's too]
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PostSubject: Re: ~Mystery Pack~Wolves Living in the Modern Day World~   

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~Mystery Pack~Wolves Living in the Modern Day World~
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