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 Orgin of the Cubs

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PostSubject: Orgin of the Cubs   Tue Oct 07, 2008 10:05 am

[as told by my friend sarah
I mixed it up a little]
Once, there was a pack of bears living in the cave.
They truly enjoy football. When it was the offspring season,
they were very fortunate to have some babies.
As the babies grew up, they watched their parents play football everyday.
Later on, they got tired of this and wandered off to see their socks [sox] play baseball.
The kids loved this sport and learned more and more about it each day.
As they grew up, they formed the team, the Cubs.
Their goal is to beat the Sox and go to the World Series.
If they have a bad season, they're saying is,
"There's always next year."

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Orgin of the Cubs
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