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 Secrets Within the Mountain~Book 1: Falling Darkness

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PostSubject: Secrets Within the Mountain~Book 1: Falling Darkness   Fri Sep 05, 2008 2:19 am


If you were to climb a mountain, you’d see the usual snow capped peaks, feel the freezing temperatures, and experience the thin air. However, life is not always what you think. For example, if you were to climb on particular mountain- an unnamed one- that you had happened to stumble across out in Canada, you’d find something much different.

Instead of freezing cold temperatures and air so thin you need an oxygen tank, you’d find rather warm temperatures, and the air would stay the same as that on the ground below. Climb a little higher and you’d find a large, thundering waterfall. If you were to walk through the waterfall, well, you find something very peculiar indeed. But, unfortunately, you begin your descent, back down to the green grass below.

So, I’ll just have to tell you what you would’ve seen behind the waterfall. You would have seen a pond just behind the water fall, a crystal clear pond. The water is so clear you would have seen gems of all shapes, colors, and sizes, sparkling at the bottom. Looking up, you’d see the mountains rise up all around you. A large tree stood off to one side, the only one in the valley.

Near the back, a group of dens were huddled together. Another, larger one, sat away from the rest, the entrance covered with vines, preventing you from seeing inside. But not a living thing in site, not even a small fish in the pond.

At this time, you would have left, somewhat disappointed. And, at this time, creatures would begin to emerge into the clearing. Large, majestic creatures. Wolves.

But these aren’t your normal grey wolves, or any other known species of wolf, for that matter. No human being has ever seen one, and may not ever. Their pelts are colored, with strange swirled markings that only they know the meaning of. How they came to exist, no one knows that either. Perhaps they just appeared out of nowhere. Perhaps they’ve been around since the dinosaurs, surviving when the dinosaurs could not.

This pack, led by the noble leaders-Boulder and Ashana- has survived in the mountain for years, surviving famines, storms, hard times. Yet no matter how many lives they have lost, the pack remains strong, and mysterious.

The pack has no name, nor has it ever. Sixteen members strong, the pack continues to thrive. They have grown accustomed to climbing down the steep slopes to hunt, and bringing their catch back up. It’s mere child’s play to them, for they’ve done it so long.

But things are changing. Dark blue clouds are approaching their home. Lightning can be seen inside the clouds, even at the distance that lies between the two. The others continue to ignore it, claiming that it is just a storm. However, one wolf thinks differently.

The wolf’s name is Abreeza. One of the youngest members in the pack, no one really listens to her. But she feels that change is coming, and that a terrible darkness is approaching. Her fears were confirmed when the two alphas, were killed on a moonless night.

Others would have preferred differently, even Abreeza herself, but with her dying breath, Ashana had declared her alpha.

The dark clouds travel ever closer, and Abreeza becomes even more unsure of herself. The pack’s strength begins to diminish, and more wolves are lost. Not only that, but in her dreams every night, Abreeza is visited by a strange wolf, robbing her of her sleep.

Faith and loyalty will be tested to the limit. Friendships will be stretched to the breaking point. Does the young alpha have what it takes to keep the pack strong and weather the worst storm the pack has ever seen?
Chapter 1

A lone wolf stood on the very peak of a mountain, her figure silhouetted against the early morning sky. Her long tail swayed from side to side, and her golden eyes stared, unmoving at the dark clouds in the distance. Her muscles tensed, as if already feeling what was to come. She flinched at the sound of another wolf.

“Hello Abreeza,” Boltin greeted softly, and dipped his head respectfully to the young alpha.

A small smile played across Abreeza’s lips. “I’ve told you time and time again. You don’t have to dip your head when you greet me. I’m no older then you.” This was partially true, for though she was alpha, Boltin and Abreeza were the same age.

Boltin chuckled. “I know,” he admitted, “I just like to annoy you.” His blue eyes gazed at Abreeza fondly.

Abreeza’s smile faded. She sighed unhappily, and turned away from her friend. She stared at the dark blue clouds in the distance. Bright purple lightning could be seen flashing amongst them. A cool breeze blew in, ruffling the two wolves’ fur. Abreeza closed her eyes.

Several minutes later, Abreeza turned to Boltin. “We should head back to camp,” she murmured. Boltin merely nodded, and the two headed back down the slope.

Miles away, a dark shape watch the mountain, his lips pulled back in a wicked grin. He watched as the two wolves disappeared from sight. In the sky above him, the same dark clouds which Abreeza had watched lingered.

This creature was like none no one had ever seen before. He looked like a cross between a wolf and a bear. Claws jutted out of his large paws, coal black and deadly. His fur was black and shaggy, his red eyes burned with a hunger for revenge.

He looked up at the dark clouds that hung above him. His throat rumbled with an evil laugh that echoed through the trees.

A sharp chill ran down Abreeza’s spine and she turned to look once more at the dark clouds in the distance. All her fears and uncertainty came flooding back, but she pushed them aside. She took a deep breath, and then disappeared into the waterfall.

She emerged on the other side, and leaped out of the water. Shaking her wet fur, she padded into the heart of the camp.

Abreeza was immediately confronted by Iris, the packs herb specialist. It was Iris’s job to keep the pack healthy, cure the sick, and treat and wounds. Her face was lit up when she padded over to Abreeza.

“Roxana has had her pups,” she announced happily.

Abreeza’s mood brightened. Roxana was her older sister. “Really? When?”

“A little while before sunrise,” Iris replied, “Two brutes and a she.” She signaled for Abreeza to follow her, and then headed off in the direction of the nursery.

Abreeza trotted after her, spirits high. She slowed her pace as they neared the nursery. She glanced at Iris, who nodded. Abreeza smiled and entered the large den.

“Roxana?” she called softly.

“Over here,” came Roxana’s hushed reply. Abreeza looked toward where the voice had come from. There lay Roxana in a nest of moss and leaves. Three small pups lay in the curve of her belly, sleeping soundly.

Abreeza slowly made her way over. “They’re so beautiful,” she murmured, gazing affectionately at the pups, “What are their names?”

“This is Dyani,” Roxana motioned toward the she-pup, “And these are her brothers, Hurricane and Dino.”

Abreeza smiled, repeating the names in her head. She studied the pups carefully. Hurricane was the largest of the three, with dark grey fur and pale blue swirls, much like his father, Ivan. Dino was pale grey, with dark grey and black swirls, while Dyani. Abreeza stopped, her gaze focused on the small she-pup. Dyani’s eyes were open, staring at Abreeza with curiosity. She was the smallest, with white fur and large violet red eyes. The markings swirled throughout her white coat, however, weren’t one or two specific colors, or even the shades of one color, but rainbow.

Roxana noticed the two staring at each other. “She’s different,” she murmured. Abreeza just nodded, still looking intently at Dyani. After a while, Dyani looked away, and curled back up with her brothers.

Abreeza turned to look at Roxana. “Yes, she’s different,” she replied, “But since when did being different hurt anyone?” Roxana met her gaze. She smiled slightly, then curled up around her pups.

Abreeza turned and walked out of the nursery. Iris was no longer standing there. In fact, Iris was nowhere in sight. But that wasn’t unusual. Iris was the herb specialist after all. Abreeza strolled out over to where the lake sat, still as ever.

Iris sat in the medicine den, organizing the herbs she had gathered to replenish her stock. Small piles sat in front of her, occasionally being pushed back into its spot. Eventually, she had completed the job. She turned to leave, and jumped.

“Hi Iris,” Dyani squeaked, looking up at Iris’s kind face.

Slowly, Iris’s heartbeat returned to its normal speed. She smiled and the small she-pup. “Hello Dyani.”

Dyani smiled back, excitement sparkling in her red violet eyes. Dyani was two moons old now, and was apparently excited about it. Hurricane came charging into the medicine den, ramming into Dyani and knocking her over. Dino skidded in a second later.

Dyani struggled out from under Hurricane’s bulk. “Watch it,” she growled, her voice fierce and nothing like the playful tone she had used a second ago.

Hurricane suppressed a laugh. “Sorry sis,” he managed to say. Dyani glared at him, then turned and stalked away.

Iris chuckled. Hurricane smiled up at her, then raced back out through the vines concealing the medicine den. Dino followed behind him, tail wagging energetically.

“Hey kids,” Ivan greeted as he saw the three pups leave the medicine den.

“Hi Dad,” Dino yipped, swatting at his father’s head. He had a special connection with Ivan.

Hurricane sprang onto Ivan’s back. “Hello,” he barked, right next to Ivan’s ear. Ivan laughed and bent his head down, causing Hurricane to tumble off. “Hey, that’s not fair,” Hurricane protested.

Dyani giggled. Hurricane snarled, and leaped for her. She dodged, and he hit the ground with a dull thud. This caused Dyani to laugh even harder, and Hurricane got angrier. He lunged at her again, knocking her over. He landed on her, but she caused them to roll over once more, putting her on top.

She bent down next to his ear. “I win,” she growled softly, with a hint of playfulness.

Hurricane glared at her. “Well, could you let me up now?” Dyani smiled slyly, and let him up. He immediately dove at her, but she was ready. She stepped to the side, and he missed, landing sprawled on the ground.

“Next time, think about your move first then attack,” Dyani advised with a smirk. Then she turned and padded away.

Abreeza shook her head in disbelief. She had been watching the little dispute. “Amazing,” she breathed so no one else could hear. Smiling slightly, Abreeza turned and padded over to where Boltin was waiting.

“So, you ready to hunt,” he asked as soon as Abreeza was within earshot.

Abreeza nodded. “Ready as I’ll ever be,” she replied. Boltin met her gaze and smiled. He then turned and led the way out of camp.

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PostSubject: Re: Secrets Within the Mountain~Book 1: Falling Darkness   Fri Sep 05, 2008 6:34 am

Love it very descriptive and detailed
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PostSubject: Re: Secrets Within the Mountain~Book 1: Falling Darkness   Fri Sep 12, 2008 11:29 pm

more!!! plz plz plz!!
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PostSubject: Re: Secrets Within the Mountain~Book 1: Falling Darkness   Sat Sep 13, 2008 12:11 am

Chapter 1 is up!!
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PostSubject: Re: Secrets Within the Mountain~Book 1: Falling Darkness   

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Secrets Within the Mountain~Book 1: Falling Darkness
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