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 Midnighters ~based on the series by Scott Westerfeld~

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PostSubject: Midnighters ~based on the series by Scott Westerfeld~   Wed Jul 30, 2008 12:53 am

First topic message reminder :

You hear the rain pummeling your rooftop, it's lulling you to sleep. Then it stops. A major Down Pour goes silent. there's a blue light shining from everything, like the moon. You look out your window, and there's small diamonds in the sky. You slip on some jeans and a sweatshirt and go outside, you touch one of the diamonds, they turn to water on your skin. Those Frozen diamonds are rain! you go back inside and run to your parents room, they are white, and pale, you go up to them and touch them, they don't feel warm, they don't feel alive. you run back to your room, crying and curl up on your bed, how could this dream have gone so bad? You try and wake up, if this is a dream, but your breathing and heart beat seem too real to be a dream. Then the rain continues, and the blue light is gone. You eventually fall back asleep, forgetting about the supposed dream.

Find out what that was? Or just write it off as a Dream every night?


try to make it even, guys and girls.
PLease no prissy cheerleaders we're all just normal.
There is only ONE Fire Bringer as that's the main thing the Darklings are afraid of.


Mindcasting- You can hear the thoughts of everyone around you, and you can taste bitterness and different feelings and things. It's not a happy job.

Acrobat- Gravity is gone for you, you can fly, sort of.

Lore-Reader- You know every thing there is to know about the Darklings time and living, you can read things from ancient times, and you can see the Force. You an also see trails that Darklings have left behind.

Fire-Bringer- She can bring technologie to the Blue time. A flashlight can shoot fire from it, at her command.

Mathematician- The Darkling hate math and the #13 and their favorite # is 12, this power is able to multiply, and divide, and such in seconds, they are extremely smart.

Darklings: Blue time creatures that have been trapped in the 25th hour of the day, they can form into anything

Slithers- a form of darklings, look like black furry snakes, they can fly too.

Types of Midnighters:

Daylights- ones who are best in the daylight, and are hard in the Dark, very perky sometimes.

Nights: Ones who can't stand any type of light, they are normally covered to keep the sun from them. not very perky




Jessica (Cmain) *day* Fire Bringer

Dess (Cmain) *Night* Math

Melissa (Cmain) *Night* Mindcaster

Rex (Cman) *Night* Lore

Caitlyn (Cmain) * Night* Acrobat

Jonathan (Jacobluver) *Night* Acrobat

Faith (Furby) *day* Acrobat

Grace (Mnm) *day* Mindcaster

Ashely (Tiger/SMile) *day* Mindcaster

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PostSubject: Re: Midnighters ~based on the series by Scott Westerfeld~   Sat Dec 20, 2008 12:40 am

((Are we going to school??!? is it a weekend?))

Grace was walking through her house bored waiting for the 25th hour, she would escape the 'real' world as her mother called it. "Come back to reality! In the real world." she remembers her mother yelling up to her from downstairs.
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PostSubject: Re: Midnighters ~based on the series by Scott Westerfeld~   Sat Dec 20, 2008 6:12 am

[i think it's friday night.]
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PostSubject: Re: Midnighters ~based on the series by Scott Westerfeld~   

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Midnighters ~based on the series by Scott Westerfeld~
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