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 feeding of the 5000.

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PostSubject: feeding of the 5000.   Fri Jul 04, 2008 10:13 am

okay this school year,
i wrote a first person story about the feeding of the 5000.
the story takes place when a grandma is telling her grandchildren.
about it. enjoy ;)

The Feeding of the 5,000

in the day, when I was very young, young as you kids, I was in the field
tending the sheep. The neighbors, you
know Bob and Larry over there? Their
grandma was my best friend when I was little.
So, she called me over the fence and told me rumors about this man who
preaches about this ‘god’ who gives you everlasting life. My best friend told me to tell my family
about the preacher. I did and we brought
along my brother who has been sick for quite a while. My neighbor said the holy man can heal
anybody who has faith in him. Anyway, I
was curious.

followed the growing group of people to the place where the man was going to
be. The long walk was extremely tiring. Finally, we made it to the large, open,
abandoned hillside. There was the man in
the middle, talking about peace. I was
amazed how the young man could be so loud, but speak softly at the same
time. About 5,000 people were spread out
on the ***, the perfect green *** that matches the perfect clear sky on one
of those perfect days.

man called himself Jesus, He talked about the God’s word and spreading it to
other people. I took in every word, and
kept it in a safe place in my mind. When
Jesus had stopped preaching, a line was formed before him. My father went up to one of the people in
line and asked what was happening. The
person answered. “We’re in line to have Jesus cure the sick.” My family quickly got in line, waiting for my
brother to get cured. It was finally our
turn. Jesus healed my brother and said a
prayer. We were so happy! As we were leaving I told Jesus, “Thank
you.” He said, “You’re welcome” and
moved onto the next person.

After a
while, everyone became hungry. I was
famished after the long walk. The
disciples told Jesus to order us home, but Jesus refused. He told his disciples to collect all the food
that the crowd had. They ended up with
five loaves and two fish from a boy around my age. How could we share that with 5,000
people!?! You won’t believe what
happened next: Jesus multiplied the
bread and fish before our eyes! We all
ate enough to make us full. There were
twelve baskets of food left! We left
after we ate, full and happy. Now, I
don’t want you kids going on a treasure hunt to find the place Jesus was preaching. Okay? Okay.
Good, now let’s have some buttered bread, I’m starving.

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feeding of the 5000.
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